Still Water, Still

Still Water, Still

Still water. Pooling after a rain storm.

Normally, this little pocket park is a mix of dirt and grass. When the rains come, the water pools and some of it turns into little temporary lakes. That’s what you are looking at. The drier land looks like a little isthmus. You can see grass growing on it. On both sides are little pools of water.

Truth be told, if I was just walking out there I would have stepped over it, or in it. But, when a dog is poking around, leading and gently pulling you, things change. I took my time. Not only did I want to see a bunch of “little” pictures, but I didn’t want to slip in the water because the mud below is very slick. After all, it is really old swamp bottom.

That dog is really good for something. Well, a lot of things. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll get to meet her a little later today. I managed to make a strange portrait of her. In black and white.

The picture. It’s enhanced. I had to do that in order to bring out the detail. And, to help you see what I saw. You know. The usual stuff.


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